What Was Donna Brazile Talking about When She Said?

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What was Donna Brazile talking about when she said, "70% of domestic abusers now can get firearms, because there's no serious background checks"? Surely, the NICS is a serious background check?

Surely the NICS is a serious background check? Serious? Not really. Mistakes are common and delays happen frequently when t shouldn't. We have also had more than one occasion when we were told to proceed and got a frantic call back 10–15 minutes after the customer had left with the firearm saying t made a mistake and the sale was denied or should have been a 72 hour hold. That means in the case of the outright denial the police had to track the buyer down and get the gun back.

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While we understand that waiting until the day of a holiday has its advantages, we don't know that this has actually been the case any more than we knew the holiday rush for a new iPhone 5s was really going to be a disaster and that the iPhone 4S would never be the same. When the police get a hold of your name, they can track you. They can track you down and hold your car until you get in, they can lock a room, they can stop you from leaving with a dog. There are no excuses with this system. If you can't or won't use that information, or if your just plain can't, you're not going to get your gun back in that time and the police are not going to help you. “And that is that.” In theory, if you're willing to go through some inconvenience and.