What Methods Did You Use to Skip School?

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What methods did you use to skip school?

Get ready for some real life, this skipping class, skipping school crap isn’t going to be tolerated anymore action. The principal probably wants to know if your guardians are aware of your erratic behavior and attendance. One of their responsibilities is to see that you attend school. But not all guardians are created equally. Some guardians could care less if you go to school; some are clueless and don’t even see to realize that you are supposed to be in school, and some, because you seem to be a decent kid, just assume that you re going to school. You haven’t skipped that much compared to some accounts I have read, but you have skipped. Kudos to your principal for staying on top of this. Plan on your principal and your parents coming up with way to assure you’re in school. If your guardians are family members or seem to be decent concerned people then hopefully it will be okay and you can stay where you are. But, it your guardians appear to be part of the problem, well, you may need to be living somewhere else. Hopefully this will work out for you and really open your eyes. Stop skipping school and classes.

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Start paying attention at home. Stop hanging out without being prepared. Start attending some classes. Take your teachers for a test, so you get real results. It can be as simple as doing a test, then attending class. Get your grades up, and maybe even get on track to college.   The important part is that you take the advice in this article; be a responsible student, you are the future. If you are truly going to be a responsible adult, then you know how important it is to pay attention at home and to be good. Get it right, and keep it up. This article was originally posted here. If you liked this post, you may also enjoy my posts on my Facebook page here and my Flickr page here. The only thing worse than a child without discipline is a parent that lets their child have the things.

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