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What is the application process for U.S. citizenship/naturalization?

Step 1.Eligibility A U.S. resident is eligible for citizenship if t are (1) at least 18 years old, (2) have been a Permanent Resident for the past 5 years, and (3) have not been on a trip outside of the U.S. for longer than 6 months. This is by far the most common way for one to obtain U.S. citizenship. The 5-year-as-Permanent-Resident requirement is relaxed if you are married to a U.S. citizen, in the military, or married to someone in the military. For a comprehensive list of ways you can be eligible for naturalization, see.Who is Eligible for Naturalization? Step 2.N-400 Form Contrary to what immigration attorneys might tell you, you don't need an attorney to fill out the form under normal circumstances. I and 3 people I know filled out the form ourselves and had no issues. In fact, I even made a small typo on one of my answers and the interviewer (step 4) was very forgiving about that. The most annoying part of the form for me is that you need to write down every place you have lived in the past 5 years. Besides that, everything is pretty straightforward. You can find the form here.Application for Naturalization The instructions for filling out the form are in the link above as well. One thing to note.I would highly recommend you fill out the form in Form Filler Reader DC instead of any other PDF reader (i.e. Preview) or by hand. Preview doesn't render the input fields correctly, or generate the unique Barcode on the bottom of each page, which lets the USCIS system easily process your form and speed up the application process. After you filled out the N-400 form, here is a checklist of all the other documents you need to mail along with it.a photocopy of both sides of your Green Card 2 color photos with your name and A-Number written in pencil in the back a check made out to "Department of Homeland Security" for $680. Within a week after I sent in the N-400 form, I got a confirmation letter in the mail with my case number, and I could check the status of my application here.myUSCIS Step 3.Biometric Appointment A few weeks after the confirmation letter, I got a second letter with an appointment time to take my biometrics. For me, that appointment was scheduled for around 1 month after I mailed in my N-400 form. It's a pretty short and efficient appointment, I brought my driver's license and green card, and got my photo and fingerprints taken within 20 minutes. At the appointment, t also give me a packet to study for the English and civics/history test. Step 4.Interview Next up is the interview. My interview confirmation letter arrived ~2 months after my biometric appointment and my interview was scheduled for around 1 month after that. To prepare for that interview, I just read the packet, which includes very basic vocabulary you need to know, as well as 100 questions with answers. You can see the complete list of questions here. He first went over my application to confirm some of my answers that I wrote down (previous addresses, phone numbers, background check questions like 'Were you ever arrested?"). Then, I was asked to read a simple English sentence from a sheet and write down a sentence. Next, I was asked 10 random questions from the civic/history questions list above, and only needed to answer 6 of them correct. At the end of the interview, my interviewer told me that he would recommend me for citizenship and that my ceremony would be in around 2 months. I also got a heavy envelop containing everything I need in order to apply for a U.S. passport. Step 5.Ceremony Lots of speeches and oaths later, citizenship!

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Next, I was supposed to mail the whole package back to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, so I'd be back in the States for about another month. The package never arrived. A few weeks after the citizenship ceremony, I called up the embassy and asked them what happened. I also inquired about their tracking numbers and received the following statement: As far as I know, you are not on the list at all, and you are supposed to be on another list which is waiting to be made available! I called back a few days later at 5 AM, and I was told that there is no such list, and that there are no such applications on record. Furthermore, I was told that I needed to contact them and try again. Furthermore, I sent them a couple more emails as well (they were supposed to have a “contact us” page, where I would be.