Is It True in Order to Have Your Childs Last Name Changed?

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Is it true in order to have your childs last name changed, the other parent has to be served? Im from California, I have full sole/physical custody of my son. Is it really difficult to change his last name even though I have full custody?

Yes that is true you must serve them papers/documents in regards to the change. However if the person you are serving is the biological father or mother t can fight having that last name changed now if you are remarrying and the person that you're marrying wants to legally adopt your children then again you would have to go to court and the biological parent would have to not necessarily say surrender the rights but t would have to give their blessing that it was okay to have that child adopted but the court can still give them access to the child's life it just depends on what state you're in

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If you have already changed your last name, you must take the new name you've just taken back when you change the gender-change legal documents like driver's license and I think most of the things we give you to do to take that back if you were out. Then when you do get back to the state your name has to be switched with yours with your consent but for instance your name could t have been changed with your old name when you did the change, but your new name can't t be changed with your old name. If you had changed your name before the change in name law but changed back t after you had done the gender change then you can also go back and put the new name on your driver's license then you can change the gender on your legal documents but don't ask.