How Do I Fill out the Anti Ragging Given by Nits for Online Reporting?

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How do I fill out the anti-ragging given by NITs for online reporting in institutes?

First of all,if 'good' means 'safe' to you; Then I must say NIT Durgapur is a lot safer for girls than other residential colleges of this state. Next is accomodation. The hostel where first year girls stay,is honestly,shit.Well,that settles for 2nd,3rd & final years. With LAN ports in each and every room,24*7 electricity and water supply,hostels for senior girls are quite good. Now about ragging. Yes,it does happen in here.But suprisingly, ragging is optional in NIT Durgapur. You can either stay zone in and be a part of a family consisting of people coming from your area,enjoy a complete Zonal freshers and farewell. That obviously demands you to write some of the assignments of your beloved seniors. Or you can stay zone out,and miss all the fun(seriously) and of course,avoid getting ragged. So here is what you basically need to know before coming to NIT Durgapur. That's not me saying ; that's the 2 years that I have spent here saying this. Edit 1 . WOMANIYA Movie NIT Durgapur I added this video to make the view about ragging clear ;)

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Edit 2. I am glad you found this article helpful to you. Hopefully you will see that NIT Durgapur can also be very good and not dangerous for women, and you can achieve what is your dreams.