How Do I Audition Online to Be a K Pop Trainee in One of the Big?

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How do I audition online to be a K-pop trainee in one of the big three companies? Do I have a chance of getting into an online audition?

That will depend on you, how old are you? Are you older than 18? If you are older than 18, don’t audition, you are too old. If you are younger than 18, common man. -First, go to the website for online auditions, for example, if you are auditioning for YG, search up “YG Entertainment audition”. -Fill out the application form and attach videos of yourself dancing, singing, or/and rapping, take pictures of yourself and upload them onto the form. Apply for your online audition. -If you pass the online first round, t will call you and ask you questions or tell you to sing. That’s the second round. -If you pass the second round, t will give you plane tickets and you will fly to Korea for the third round. And t will actually see you in person and t will tell you to dance/sing/rap in front of them. There will be a camera filming you but just ignore it. Don’t be nervous, the judges are usually pretty nice. -If you pass the third round, you will get into the fourth round, and that’s the final round. You will get to meet the CEO and t will ask you questions again to make sure that you are not saesang, and you are serious about being a Kpop idol. -Then if t want you, you sign the contract, if you are under age, your parents will have to sign the papers too. Boom, you are done, you are a trainee under whatever company. Remember. You get into companies through online auditions chances are really rare. So I suggest you go into a global audition or a private audition. Good luck. ~Linki

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