Excel Vba Question How Do I Take the Data in Each Row of a Table And?

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Excel VBA Question: How do I take the data in each row of a table and insert it into an excel form, each row fills out the same form? I would also like all the forms to be combined into one large pdf as well.

It is quite simple. Insert a form control button from the Developer ribbon. Click and drag where you want to put your button. Type the name of the macro you want to create. Here. NewLine. Then click OK. Switch to the Excel VBA Editor by pressing ALT-F11. Find your workbook, select it by clicking on it then do a right click on Insert Module. Type in the following code. Option Explicit Sub NewLine Dim topLine As Integer. topLine = 2 'never insert before this line ActiveSheet.Rows(IIf(ActiveCell.Row > topLine, _ ActiveCell.Row, _ topLine)) _ .EntireRow.Insert End Sub Note. topLine is for my assumption that you will have headers on line one, making the first “real” line on line 2. (You don’t want to insert a blank line before your button or headers, do you?) Save your new code then close your editor (ALT-F4) or switch back to Excel (ALT-F11). Do a RIGHT-Click on your new button, move it around to its final location and and click on Edit Text. Give a better name or caption to your new button that will add new lines and click outside the button to fix it. Voilà! You have a new button that insert a line before the currently selected line. Now, repeat the steps to insert a new column but don’t forget to change all Row to Column.

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And finally, just like before, copy and paste your new button code into your Excel worksheet, so you can get back to clicking things again. Don’t let the above tutorial scare you! It IS possible to control Excel in VBA, and a very rewarding (and useful) skill. Now let's work on how to do this in C#. Note.

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