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Does it make sense to join a technical/scientific professional society that requires you to print out a PDF, fill it out in ink, sign it, and mail it back in with a check? (asking for a friend)

I am working as a Data Scientist myself therefore it makes me qualified enough to answer your question. Also I will make sure to include the tricks in my answer that worked for me. So Let's begin, Shall we? I will be answering this question, keeping in mind that a bunch of readers could be complete newbies into programming. So addressing non-computer science students. Firstly, you need to work a lot on your problem-solving skills which is going to help you code effortlessly. You can achieve this by learning Data structures & Algorithms and coding in it. Also, DS & Algo are the building block of computer science so it will definitely help you on your Journey towards excellence in coding. After you are comfortable with problem-solving, you should stick to the below mentioned points. Opt for a good course on Machine learning and study it thoroughly to become well versed with all it’s concepts. Practice machine learning problems on Kaggle. Your Machine Learning and Data Science Community which will help you gain confidence and give you enough hands-on skills. Post your projects on GitHub, LinkedIn and also you can use youtube to showcase your skills Now it’s Time to market yourself. Make a clean and creative online portfolio and a strong resume based on ML. Start applying to your desired companies and surely circumstances will bend in your favour and soon you will become something you have worked so hard for and that is “Data scientist” you can connect with me on LinkedIn Ps. I am attaching my photo, in which you can see me working from home, just in case you are interested to know how a data scientist looks?! 😛

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