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As a typist or one who types often, how important is the caps lock to you?

I lock Caps On while editing drawings in CAD because that’s the customary lettering in any font expected on professional engineering “blueprints.” It’s the Num-Lock Key that I always remove from my keyboards since I prefer using the “10-key” number pad as cursor control “arrow” keys when moving the too-touchy mouse would be inappropriate. To each his own.

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One more way to bring an old-school laptop to a new generation. Just ask the folks who make the laptop-mount holders. If you need a different size, don’t hesitate to order and we'll send you one of these. Thanks for looking, Bryant. Click here to return to Top of Page Return to the top of Page Return to the top of Page Return to the top of Page Click on the following link to go to page 1 of 6 page(s): Bryant-Bartlett-Bartlett-Page 1 Click on the following link to go straight to the bottom of the page (page 10) and complete the following tasks: 1. Make a note of the key you need to press when removing the keyholder: keyholder Removal 2. Find the cursor control keys, right-click on the arrow that you are looking for: 3. Then press and hold down the F10 key to turn on the Caps Lock key when you are back where you started. If the cursor.