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Video instructions - Firefox Extensions

Instructions and Help about Firefox extensions

Firefox is well known for having great add-ons these browser extensions are useful to help you take full advantage of the Firefox web browser today I'll show you ten of the essential must-have Firefox add-ons that every user should know about if you have trouble using any of these extensions make sure you're running the latest version of Firefox this video will feature a mixture of well-known and lesser-known add-ons coming up next on tech gumbo if you're looking to give the websites that you visit frequently a new look stylish maybe just for you this is an open-source extension that can apply user created style sheets to a website to customize and personalize the appearance of a web page this extension is easy to use too I'll demonstrate here on the Google search home page on any site that has supported stylish themes the icon here in the upper right hand corner will be colorized otherwise it'll be grayed out so select the icon I only have one theme installed if you select activate you will now see your installed theme find more styles select find more styles for the site this will open up in a new tab with more styles to choose from you can install from here I'll select a theme I'll go with the dark fusion then select Install style and then select ok when it's done you'll see here that the style is installed let's go back to the Google search page click on the stylish icon and I'll select activate check out stylish on your favorite websites to give them a brand new look ghostery is a privacy and security related add-on that minimizes trackers on a website that can help to increase the speed and give you better privacy while browsing the...

Firefox Extensions: What You Should Know

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FAQ - Firefox extensions

How do I find my Firefox extensions?
Click the menu button. and choose Add-ons and themes. The Add-ons Manager tab will open. Select the panel for the type of add-on you wish to view or manage, such as the Extensions or Themes panel.
What is the difference between Firefox extensions and addons?
Add-on is the Mozilla term for software modules that can be added to the Firefox web browser and related applications. Mozilla hosts them on its official add-on website. Browser extensions are the primary type of add-on.
What are Firefox WebExtensions?
Extensions enable you to add features to Firefox to customize your browsing experience. For a safe browsing experience, it is a great idea to review the extensions installed periodically. Doing so can make it harder for bad actors to put your security and privacy at risk.
What Firefox extensions should I use?
The Best Firefox Extensions Everyone Should Use uBlock Origin. To block ads and reduce tracking on the internet, look no further than uBlock Origin. ... Enhancer for YouTube. ... 600% Sound Volume. SponsorBlock. ... Behind the Overlay. ... ScrollAnywhere. Absolute Enable Right-Click & Copy. ... Dark Reader.