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Instructions and Help about auto fill form software

Hey it's Ali and this video is it's by special request but also I think it's an important one to have in my collection so one of the comments on with my other videos and hey you know great drop-down feature video but what I would like to be able to do is to be able to use that drop down menu to select a customer and then have their information Auto populate so luckily for you Thomas this is a pretty easy thing to do so let's get started so on sheet1 right here this is my just my generic order form here and the way that i'm going to do this is I'm going to have a drop-down list to select an account number and then it's going to auto populate the rest of this customer information here so the way that I prepare that is I have on sheet 2 I have all of my customer information here obviously this is just all fake but so this is where hey I have it in in order so I have account number customer so this all follows what I have on my order form here I think it's important to do that just to stay organized so first I'm going to make my my drop-down list so assuming that I'm going to get more than 38 customers I want to expand this pretty far so first thing I need to do is select right here starting with the very first customer here and I'm going to drag down and I'm just going to keep dragging way down for a ways here so just assuming I at some point I'll just stop at a thousand so that way if I get a couple more customers this is going to work hopefully at that point you'll get better software than just using Excel but for now so this I'm going to name this by clicking up in this name field I want to name this section we'll just do customer ok so I have named this group of filled customer now the rest of the information here corresponds to the account number so account number one this is all the information that pertains to customer 1 and so on so I'm pretty much done with I guess what I would call hard part now it's time to bust in those formulas I'm going to go back to sheet 1 and here is where I'm going to make my drop-down box here so I want to click on data right here on this data tab and again if I forgot what I named that field I can click right here in this box right here ok I named it customer with a capital C okay easy so this is where I want my drop-down box so I want to go up to data validation and I want to select data validation so on the Settings tab here I want to.

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How do I create an autofill form?
On the File menu, click New. In the New Document task pane, in the Templates section, click On my computer. In the Create New box select Template. Click Blank Document, and then Click OK. Create the fill-in fields. On the File menu, click Save As.
How do I create an auto fill form in Word?
On the File menu, click New. In the New Document task pane, in the Templates section, click On my computer. In the Create New box select Template. Click Blank Document, and then Click OK. Create the fill-in fields. On the File menu, click Save As.
How do I create a fillable form in Word 2019?
Step 1: Show Developer tab. To do this click on File tab Options Customize Ribbon. Step 3: Add Content to the form. Go to Developer tab and then Design mode and you can then insert the controls that you want. Step 5: Add Instructional text to the form. Customize it by clicking on Developer tab and then Design Mode.
How do I create a fillable form in Word 2016?
Open a new document in Word. Click on the Word menu and select Preferences. Click the Ribbon button on the bottom row on the right-hand side. In the Customize section, scroll through the list and insert a check mark next to Developer. Click the OK button.
How do you create a form in Word?
Step 1: Display the "Developer" Section. Go into the "File" tab; then click "Options". Step 2: Create a Form Template. Step 3: Add Content to This Form. Step 4: Set Properties for Content Controls. Step 5: Include Instructional Text to Your Form. Step 6: Include Protection to Your Form.
How do I create an auto fill form in Excel?
Begin a new spreadsheet. Add initial data that is needed. Select the cell that you wish to AutoFill. Move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the cell. It will turn into a solid cross. Notice how Excel fills the series of months for you automatically. Drag the cursor across the cells to as many as you need.
How do I create an AutoFill list in Excel?
Click the cell with the first entry in the custom series and then drag the mouse or Touch pointer through the range until all the cells with entries are selected. Select File\u2192Options\u2192Advanced (Alt+FTA) and then scroll down and click the Edit Custom Lists button located in the General section.
How do I create a custom fill series in Excel?
Select both cells and then grab the lower right box and drag down as many rows as you want. You can also create your own Excel custom list. If you don't already have these values in a spreadsheet go to Tools/ Options/ Custom Lists and select Add. You can show your master list or hide it.
How do I auto populate in Excel based on another cell?
Select a blank cell that you want to auto populate the corresponding value. 2. Copy and paste the formula =VLOOKUP(B16,B8:C14,2,FALSE) into the Formula Bar, then press the Enter key.
How do I create a fill in form in Excel?
Select any cell in the Excel Table. Click on the Form icon in the Quick Access Toolbar. Enter the data in the form fields. Hit the Enter key (or click the New button) to enter the record in the table and get a blank form for next record.